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A person who is a Grounded Personality will only ever connect fully with another Grounded Personality. They are potentially very different in character traits, they may disagree on almost anything, but they will decide to stick together no matter what. Both agree 100% that what makes a relationship perfect is the decision to stay together – to them, love is […]

Essentially what the Puppet Master and the Puppet are about is a combination of a powerful, charismatic, often benevolent soul being spiritually controlled by another self-serving person or persons. The puppets are essentially used as  a voice, a front, a scapegoat type of a figure, they take all the heat while the puppet masters pull the strings. They are what […]

Ego. What a terrifying word, right? To have someone accuse you of "having an ego" is something successful people or ambitious people hear all the time. That accusation, however, is just as idiotic as accusing someone of having hair. It is a problem only if you don't have an ego. The reason why the word "ego" is so misunderstood stems probably from spiritual texts...

The Kryptonite Personality Mirror gets it’s name from the story of Superman, and how a crystal found on his home planet would, in close contact, remove his strength and make him just a normal man. This is the effect of a Kryptonite Personality Mirror. Just like in the case of Superman, most often this “crystal” comes from your home, the […]

They are your arch enemy, and it suffices if you can beat them even if you never beat anyone else. In that way, they function as an inspiration to self-improvement no matter what level you compete at compared to everyone else.

Unless you’re a die-hard Aerosmith fan or old and sober enough to remember the 70’s, this is the song you wish you would have heard but most likely never have:

I did a Tarot reading exactly one year ago predicting the reunion of Axl Rose and Slash, yesterday I read they are 'friends again'. Before that friendship is ruined, share this so they can avoid some of the trouble coming towards them and the fans will get what the fans want...

OK. This is awkward. I love Depp. I love Perry. I only recently fell in love with Cooper. And still, I hesitate. And yes, I even love Depp on guitar, not just being a great actor, he’s got a nice sound to his guitar playing, very unique and recognizable, which is always a fantastic thing to hear. Not just another […]

I am not a feminist, exactly. I believe in personal choice regardless of your gender, but that doesn’t mean I am blind to gender bias – especially the gender bias that is going against men without anyone noticing. Not only that, the gender bias also relates to sexual oppression and stereotyping of both genders: As a woman, I cannot be […]

When Road of Kicks Steven sent me an email asking me to only review their latest video, and as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t stop listening at just one. I had to go through all of their production so far, which, to my great disappointment consisted only of two videos… The thing is, I’ve painfully missed the 60-70’s rock sound, although […]

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Celebrities are not really human. That is about the extent of thought most people put into their attitude towards someone famous. Because they feel this way about celebrities, the problems of celebrities become a matter of a dollar value. People around celebrities can easily view them as somewhat of a bundle of problems that aren’t exactly real, their reasons for […]

Different people would define the word "love" very differently if they were given the task. Some people take it for something you do for another person (love is your actions) and some define it with the feeling that you feel toward another person (love is a feeling, independent of your actions)... And so many variations. How do you define love?

The guilt you feel for outshining your brother or friend every time can make you treat him like the second runner up, and pass girls onto him that really should be yours... Giving the girls a vibe that your friend is really not much to look at.

True love can render anyone into an idiot that spews out stuff their loved one will completely misunderstand. Only, with normal people, there's no cameras.

It suddenly dawned on me. What I was mostly embarrassed about wasn’t really the blunder I just made, but feeling  embarrassment for having made it. There are definite rules for being cool, and the cool people must be very vigilant of not breaking those rules. One of the rules of cool, controversially, is that you cannot ever be embarrassed for […]